Pho Le Vietnamese Restaurant

Our restaurant is open 6 days a week for Lunch & Dinner.

Monday Closed.

 Tuesday - Thursday  
11am - 9pm

 Friday - Saturday 
11am - 9:30 pm

 12 Noon - 9pm



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A1 - Vietnamese Eggrolls

A2  - Fresh Summer Rolls

V1 - Fresh Vegetarian Rolls

A5 - Saigon Crepe

A6 - Crispy Calamari

A11 - Grilled Spicy Calamari Salad

A13 - Steak Salad

S2 - Beef Pho

S7 - Seafood Noodle Soup

D1 - Whole Red Snapper

L1 - House Special Fried Rice

L3 - Grill Rib Eye Steak

L4 - Com Tam Suon Be

V4 - Spicy Tomato Tofu

L5 - Pork Chops

D13 / N1 - Super Bowl

House Special Stir Fried Clear Noodle

A12 - House Tuna Salad